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It is becoming increasingly important to be active part and integral part of the change towards a better and more sustainable world.

Cristalfarma since its inception, has been committed to spreading the culture of well-being and supporting important and differentiating choices in support of people's health, looking beyond profit and always striving for the common good.

It is increasingly important for us operate in a responsible and transparent manner in order to have a positive impact on society and the environment, along with the company's profit. It is, therefore, necessary to take concrete actions that aim to contribute to change.

Cristalfarma supports several social projects including:

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Convivio Milano in collaboration with Anlaids
Convivio Milano is Italy's most important charity exhibition-market, born in 1992 from an idea of Gianni Versace together with Gianfranco Ferrè, Giorgio Armani and Valentino with the aim of raising funds for ANLAIDS, the National Association for the Fight against AIDS.

Cristalfarma has chosen Convivio as its charity partner, to contribute to fundraising in support of ANLAIDS, the Lombardy section, which has been working for almost 30 years in favour of AIDS research and to help HIV-positive people and their families.

donne maltrattate

CADMI – Casa di accoglienza delle donne maltrattate
The Casa di accoglienza delle donne maltrattate (CADMI) is the first anti-violence centre established in Italy in 1986 within the UDI (Unione Donne in Italia).
CADMI is the point of reference for women who suffer violence, be it physical, psychological, sexual, economic or stalking. The basis of CADMI's action is reception, women's relations and listening.

Cristalfarma maintains that every woman must feel valued as she is and that is why we are at CADMI's side to guarantee assistance services to women victims of violence, support the realisation of awareness-raising activities in schools, neighbourhoods, and carry out campaigns for the real cultural change indispensable to the fight against gender-based violence.

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MAD – Make a Difference Onlus
A non-profit organisation founded in 2008 by the Chilver and Paloschi families with the aim of supporting the education of disadvantaged children living on the east coast of Kenya.

Cristalfarma supports long-distance, helping to give children living in difficult realities the chance of a proper education. In this way, in adulthood, they will bear witness to the fact that education is the basis for helping a country to progress.

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Fondazione G. e D. De Marchi – to support the fight against childhood haemopathies and cancers
Established years ago by a group of doctors and parents who felt the need to do more than just medical treatment for their seriously ill children. Care and psychological support in these situations is almost as important as treatment.

Cristalfarma supports the Foundation's activities in favour of the young patients of the De Marchi Paediatric Clinic of the Policlinico di Milano, committed to guaranteeing comprehensive and excellent care.